Other Workers

Fickle Creek Farm offers aspiring farmers the opportunity to learn by doing as apprentices and WWOOFers

Noah ranells 


Since 1999, Noah has helped to manage and develop Fickle Creek Farm. From a modest start with 10 laying hens and 5 goats, the farm now includes over 200 acres and breeding herds of beef cattle, meat sheep, and farmers hybrid pigs We began selling product to the public in 2001 at Durham Farmers' Market and now sell at 3 markets and off the farm. Noah provides agronomic and farm business consulting services dba Farm Better Now!

Bryan Horton

Field Manager

Bryan came to Fickle Creek Farm in 2008.  He is now an indispensable part of the farm and works tirelessly to keep day-to-day farm operations running smoothly.  His background as a chef and his expertise in organic farming methods means he is able to go from variety/breed selection through all the production steps to knowing how to best prepare the food we produce.


Pasture Raised Meats & Never Sprayed produce