As a holistic system, we focus on Native Plants in our landscape so that the beings which were here first, from micro-organisms to large mammals, have the best chance of continuing in a balanced ecosystem. This is the scarlet hibiscus, one of our favorite southeast natives.

The farm is located in the upper reaches of the Cane Creek Reservoir watershed and Water Conservation is a focus on the farm. We take care to eliminate erosion and animal waste run-off. This is our farm pond.


Adhering to Permaculture principles means that each part of our diverse farm benefits from and is a benefit to several other pieces of our overall operation. Pictured is our pigs benefiting from the output from our market garden.

We believe it is best to participate maximally in the Local Economy by purchasing and selling as close to home as possible. For example, we purchase all our livestock within 50 miles of the farm, our layer feed is milled in Durham, and our most distant point of sales is 25 miles from the farm.

Nutrient Cycling is vital to the health of our farm and is used to minimize external nutrient inputs to the farm and avoid nutrient loss into surface and ground water. Pictured is one of our steers grazing a rye-crimson clover cover crop on the market garden area.

Livestock guardian dogs are essential to the safety and well-being of our livestock. Our family of Great Pyrenees dogs live with the animals and protect them from a long list of predators: coyotes, possums, racoons, hawks, skunks, weasels, wild dogs, bobcats, snakes.

We use Rotational Grazing for all of our animals; Our chickens and livestock are frequently moved to clean and nutritious paddocks on our farm. This picture shows how steers are followed by sheep which are followed by laying hens.


Pasture Raised Meats & Never Sprayed produce

Fickle Creek Farm is a diversified, small-scale farm in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  We utilize approximately half of the farm’s 215 acres to provide farm-fresh, healthy food to our community through careful environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and humane animal treatment.  Vegetables and fruit are naturally grown without synthetic chemical inputs.  Livestock is raised without use of antibiotics or hormones.  Chickens, turkeys, and pigs range freely on pesticide-free pastures and in woods and are fed locally-milled, vegetarian feed.  100% Grass Fed Cows and sheep are raised on pesticide-free pastures.  We share our farm with others through farm tours and a farm-stay accommodation.

  • Nutrient Cycling

  • ​water conservation

  • Rotational Grazing



  • permaculture

  • native plants