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WARM season 2017 MARKETS

Chapel Hill Farmers' Market        Sat       8 a   to   Noon

Durham Farmers' Market            Sat       8 a   to   Noon

​                                                    Wed     3 p   to   6 p


Western Wake Farmers' Market  Sat       8 a   to   Noon

On-Farm Sales                            Sat      1:30 p  to   4 p

                                                    Wed   11 a      to   1 p

                                                    Fri       4  a      to   6 p

                                                    Also by appointment

FARM STAYS are arranged by reservations made through AirBandB.

Farm tours and farm stays

​Pasture-raised PORK
100% Grass-fed BEEF
Pesticide-free PRODUCE
100% Grass-fed LAMB 

​​​​​​​​Click to see product availability & Order here...          Pickup at Markets or at Farm (see below) !

FARM TOURS are the first Sunday of each month from 1 to 2:30 pm.  $8 per person, with RSVP. Custom and large group tours can be arranged.

Free-range EGGS

Pasture Raised Meats and

Never Sprayed produce


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